Coding Techniques
Mobile (GSM/UMTS)


Title: Effects of power control error on the performance of the STBC-CDMA system
Author: N. O. Fadiran, E. O. Bejide (University of Cape Town)

Title: Approximate Discrete Time Analysis of the Hybrid Token-CDMA MAC System
Author: Y. Liu, F. Takawira, H. Xu (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Designing a CDD/TDD-CDMA Network Architecture
Author: M. P. Powell, P. J. Chitamu (University of Witwatersrand)

Title: Stage 3 Performance of W-CDMA Cell Search for Various Chip Correlation Lengths
Author: S. H. Rezenom, A. D. Broadhurst (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Delay-Concerned Opportunistic Scheduling Algorithm in Wireless Communication Networks
Author: R. Yin, D. Dawoud, H. Xu (University of Kwazulu Natal)


Coding Techniques

Title: Hardware Mailbox and Energy Efficient Scheduling Algorithm in Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Area Networks
Author: Z. L. J. Basich, H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)

Title: A Hybrid Gross List Decoding and Chase-Like Algorithm of Reed-Solomon Codes
Author: W. Jin, H. Xu, F. Takawira (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Super-Orthogonal Space-Time Trellis Codes in Rapid Rayleigh Fading Channels
Author: J. N. Pillai, S. H. Mneney (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Performance Evaluation of High Rate Space Time Trellis Coded Modulation using Gauss-Chebyshev Quadrature Technique
Author: O. Sokoya, H. Xu, F. Takawira (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Energy-Efficient TDMA Dynamic Cluster Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Author: D. Wei, H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)


Mobile (GSM/UMTS)

Title: Vertical Handover Scheme for Next Generation Mobile Networks (4G)
Author: H. Altwelib, M. Ashibani, F. B. Shatwan (Higher Institute of Industry, Misurata-Libya)

Title: Using an approximated One-Time Pad to Secure Short Messaging Service (SMS)
Author: N. J. Croft, M. S. Olivier (University of Pretoria)

Title: Investigation of the Capacity Improvements in the GSM 900Mhz Band through the use of Heterogeneous Radio Access Technologies (GSM900 & CDMA2000 1X)
Author: I. Durston, P. J. Chitamu (University of Witwatersrand)

Title: Joint Call Admission Control for Integrated UMTS-WLAN Networks
Author: O. E. Falowo, H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)



Title: Low Complexity Adaptive Receivers for Joint Equalization and Interference Cancellation in Space-Time Block-Coded Systems
Author: J. G. Mathew, H. Xu, F. Takawira (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Lower Cost Satellite Communication - Designing Integrated Circuits to Withstand Space Radiation
Author: F. Smith, S. Mostert (University of Stellenbosch)

Title: Self-Organized Peer-to-Peer Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Author: J. van der Merwe, D. Dawoud, S. McDonald (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Minimising the effect of user obstruction to the deployment of information technologies for mobile computing applications within Africa
Author: R. van Olst (University of Witwatersrand)



Title: Overview of Wireless Data Network Standards and Their Implementation Issues
Author: Prof. H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)

Title: Wireless Network Security for IEEE 802.11 Infrastructure
Author: S. Giga, N. Ventura, H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)

Title: Bluetooth hotspots: Extending the reach of Bluetooth by seamlessly transporting Bluetooth communications over IP Networks
Author: D. Mackie, P. Clayton (Rhodes University)

Title: The Trusted Route - Mitigating the Effects of Selfish Nodes in Ad-hoc Networks
Author: D. Waiting, N. Ventura (University of Cape Town)


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