Title: The Development of an SDH Simulator using a Software Defined Radio Platform
Author: A. Brandt, G-J. van Rooyen (University of Stellenbosch)

Title: Efficient Medium Access Control and its Effect on Power Consumption in Ad Hoc Networks
Author: I. G. Ignatov, S. McDonald, F. Takawira (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: A Unitised Regenerative Fuel Cell for Telecommunications Applications
Author: F. K. Swanepoel, M. J. Case, H. C. vZ. Pienaar (Vaal University of Technology)

Title: High Voltage DC-DC Converter using a Series Stacked Topology
Author: P. D. van Rhyn, H. du T. Mouton (University of the Stellenbosch)

Title: Wireless Communication for Previously Disadvantaged Secondary Schools in Grahamstown, South Africa
Author: I. Brandt, A. Terzoli, C. Hodgkinson-Williams (Rhodes University)

Title: Rural Network Planning and Modeling Using Scilab Tool
Author: Y. Li, H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)

Title: Resource Dimensioning in a General Packet Switched Network Environment
Author: S. J. E. Roon, W. T. Penzhorn (University of Pretoria)

Title: Investigating the viability of small scale, easily deployable and extensible hotspot management systems
Author: M. Thinyane, G. Foster, P. Clayton (Rhodes University)


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