Title: Multiple Interface Management and Flow Mobility in Next Generation Networks
Author: G. R. Abrey, N. Ventura (University of Cape Town)

Title: Dynamic Pricing in Cellular Networks for QoS Management
Author: P. Aloo, M. A. van Wyk, M. O. Odhiambo, B. J. van Wyk (Tshwane University of Technology)

Title: A Word Processor Prototype to Assess the Effect of Culture on Usability
Author: T. Beelders, P. Blignaut, T. McDonald (University of the Free State)

Title: Performance Cost in Securing Confidentiality, Integrity and Authenticity of VoIP Communications
Author: B. Clayton, B. Irwin, A. Terzoli (Rhodes University)

Title: Transmitting RDF graph deltas for a cheaper Semantic Web
Author: R. Cloran, B. Irwin (Rhodes University)

Title: Facilitating Seamless Macro-Mobility across Heterogeneous Wireless IP Networks
Author: K. Duff, P. Clayton, A. Terzoli (Rhodes University)

Title: Determination of Confidence Intervals for PMD
Author: W. Erlank, D. Friskin, A. Conibear, A. Leitch (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Title: The Development of a Methodology for Implementing Complex Applications in a Parlay Environment
Author: B. Fricke, H. E. Hanrahan (University of Witwatersrand)

Title: 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Propagation Modeling Software
Author: J. Janse van Rensburg, B. Irwin (Rhodes University)

Title: Provisioning a VoiceXML service in iLanga an Asterisk based Softswitch
Author: A. King, A. Terzoli, P. Clayton (Rhodes University)

Title: Probabilistic Faults Prediction in Cellular Networks
Author: O. P. Kogeda (University of Western Cape), J. I. Agbinya (University of Technology, Sydney),
C. W. Omlin (University of the South Pacific, Fiji)

Title: Automatic continuous speech recognition in Tshivenda
Author: M. Masia, H. J. Oosthuizen, M. J. D. Manamela (University of Limpopo)

Title: First order PMD compensator model for NRZ and RZ modulation formats at 10 Gb/s transmission
Author: S. Mustapha, M. Zghal (Sup’Com, Tunisia) & T. B. Gibbon, L. Wu, A. B. Conibear, A. W. R. Leitch (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Title: A Service Supplier Database for Mobile Commerce
Author: P. D. Mzila, S. S. Xulu, M. O. Adigun (University of Zululand)

Title: An Open, Distributed and Web-enabled Smart Card based Platform for Online Service Delivery
Author: P. T. Nkomo, A. Terzoli (University of Fort Hare)

Title: Fast MobileIPv6 and SIP for Real-Time Mobility in Next Generation Networks
Author: D. S. Nursimloo, H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)

Title: Securing Softswitches from Malicious Attacks: An Investigation into Securing iLanga, An Asterisk-base Softswitch
Author: J. Opie, B. Irwin, A. Terzoli (Rhodes University)

Title: Text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis in Northern Sotho
Author: S. T. Phihlela, H. J. Oosthuizen, M. J. D. Manamela (University of Limpopo)

Title: Multi-stage Queuing and Scheduling of IP traffic built on Network Processors for QoS provisioning
Author: O. Salami, H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)

Title: A study of the effect of MPLS on Quality of Service in wireless LANs
Author: J. Schutte, A. S. Helberg (Universities of North West)

Title: A Comparative Study of Data Mining Systems with Relevance to Social Networks
Author: M. Terblanche, C. Cilliers (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Title: Design Considerations for the Fourth Generation Mobile Network Architecture
Author: R. M. van den Bergh, P. J. Chitamu (University of Witwatersrand)

Title: Towards a Framework for Customised Information Visualisation
Author: R. C. Yates, J. L. Wesson (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)


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