SATNAC 2006 Full Paper Accepted Submissions

Network Design & Network Services

Papers ordered in the sequence that they were presented at SATNAC.

Title: A List Decoding Algorithm for Short Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
Author: T. Ngatched (University of Kwazulu Natal), F. Takawira (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Soft Timing Recovery Framework for Cellular Receivers
Author: T. Olwal (Tshwane University of Technology), M. A. van Wyk (Tshwane University of Technology), D. Chatelain (Fsatie), M. Odhiambo (Fsatie), B. J. van Wyk (Tshwane University of Technology)

Title: An Open Smart Card Infrastructure for South African e-Services
Author: P. T. Nkomo (University of Fort Hare), A. Terzoli (Rhodes University), H. N. Muyingi (University of Fort Hare)

Title: Composite Web Services Security Considerations
Author: R. van Rooyen (University of Cape Town), A. Hutchison (University of Cape Town)