SATNAC 2006 Full Paper Accepted Submissions

The IP Edge

Papers ordered in the sequence that they were presented at SATNAC.

Title: Creating a low cost VoiceXML Gateway to replace IVR systems for rapid deployment of voice applications
Author: A. King (Rhodes University), A. Terzoli (Rhodes University), P. Clayton (Rhodes University)

Title: DRAPA - a flexible framework for evaluating the quality of VoIP components
Author: B. Clayton (Rhodes University), A. Terzoli (Rhodes University), B. Irwin (Rhodes University)

Title: Real Time Video Streaming using a Peer-to-Peer Data Distribution Approach
Author: J. Hinds (University of Pretoria), (University of Pretoria)

Title: Detection of Unsolicited Voice Calls in the IP Multimedia Subsystem
Author: D. Waiting (University of Cape Town), N. Ventura (University of Cape Town)

Title: Presence is Beautiful: Integrating Legacy and IP Enabled Voice and Video Devices into a Presence Platform
Author: B. Whittington (Rhodes University), A. Terzoli (Rhodes University)