SATNAC 2006 Full Paper Accepted Submissions

Innovation, Regulatory, Social

Papers ordered in the sequence that they were presented at SATNAC.

Title: Telecommunication Centres (Tele-centres) - Innovative Development and Evaluation: A Case Study of Tombo village, Eastern Cape
Author: P. N. Peaceman Sopazi (Walter Sisulu University), T. Andrew (University of Johannesburg)

Title: A Preliminary Investigation into the Implementation of ICTs in Marginalized Communities
Author: M. Thinyane (Rhodes University), H. Slay (Rhodes University)

Title: Indigenous Knowledge: Pathway to Developing Sustainable ICT Solutions
Author: G. O. G. Ndlovu (University of Fort Hare), A. Terzoli (Rhodes University), G. Pennells (University of Fort Hare)

Title: Importance of Social E-Factors for Grid infrastructure
Author: S. K. Kabanda (University of Zululand), M. O. Adigun (University of Zululand)

Title: Challenges and Opportunities in Communication Network for Academic Institutions in Africa
Author: H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town), M. E. Dlodlo (University of Cape Town)