SATNAC 2006 Full Paper Accepted Submissions


Papers ordered in the sequence that they were presented at SATNAC.

Title: Fast Decryption Methods for the RSA Cryptosystem
Author: T. L. Grobler (University of Pretoria), W. T. Penzhorn (University of Pretoria)

Title: Piracy and Content Protection in the Broadband Age
Author: A. Arnab (University of Cape Town), A. Hutchison (University of Cape Town)

Title: Open Source Software Development: Next Steps for the Local Telecommunications Industry
Author: M. Theunissen (University of Pretoria), A. Boake (University of Pretoria), D. G. Kourie (University of Pretoria)

Title: Wavelet Based Image Compression and Transmission Over Error-Prone Channels
Author: V. Mahomed (University of Kwazulu Natal), S. H. Mneney (University of Kwazulu Natal)