SATNAC 2009 Conference Papers

Optical, Transport & Core Networks

Title:                Experimental Demonstration of an Adaptive Poincaré Sphere Analysis and the Fixed Analyzer Polarization Mode Dispersion Measurement Techniques


Authors:            Romeo Gamatham (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), Tim Gibbon (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark), Andrew Leitch (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)


Abstract:           Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) continues to mitigate the efficiency of optical networks.  The link between the reduced bit transfer rates and increased presence of PMD in a fibre is well known. Technological advances spur new technologies which continue to demand faster data transfer rates, hence knowledge of PMD within optical networks becomes essential. In this paper the fixed analyzer (FA) and an adaptive Poincare sphere analysis PMD measurement techniques are discussed, followed by experimental demonstrations. It is shown that the Poincaré sphere analysis (PSA) method presented in this paper is in principle equivalent to analysis methods presented before, but differs with respect to the method of analysis applied and the data required for analysis. The FA technique and PSA methods are compared, and the Jones matrix eigenanalysis (JME) method used as a reference technique. It is found that the FA and PSA methods yield the same average PMD value. The differential group delay (DGD) and the principle states of polarization (PSP) is valuable information given in addition by the PSA method.

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