SATNAC 2010 Conference Papers

Access Networks

Title:                A Decision Metric Approach to PAPR Performance Analysis of an OM-OFDM Transmission


Authors:            Kahesh Dhuness (University of Pretoria), Philip Botha (University of Pretoria), Sunil Maharaj (University of Pretoria)



Title:                A Miniaturization Technique for a 1.57542-GHz GPS Patch Antenna


Authors:            Sean Jordaan (University of South Africa), Marcel Odhiambo (University of South Africa), Ludwig Combrinck (University of South Africa)



Title:                Analysis of Network Operators’ Revenue with a Dynamic Pricing Model Based on User Behaviour in NGWN Using JCAC


Authors:            Sarah Kabahuma (University of Cape Town), Olabisi Falowo (University of Cape Town)



Title:                A Method of Electronic Beam Steering for Circular Switched Parasitic Dipole Arrays


Authors:            Mofolo Mofolo (University of Johannesburg), Albert Lysko (University of Johannesburg), Willem Clarke (University of Johannesburg)



Title:                A Low Complexity Greedy Scheduler for Multiuser MIMO Downlink


Authors:            George Mureithi (Tshwane University of Technology), Karim Djouani (Tshwane University of Technology), Mjumo Mzyece (Tshwane University of Technology)



Title:                Analysis of Distributed Resource Allocation in MIMO Systems using Game Theory


Authors:            Danson Njue (Tshwane University of Technology), Djouani Karim (Tshwane University of Technology), Anish Kurien (Tshwane University of Technology)



Title:                Performance of Extended Super-Orthogonal Space -Time Trellis Coded OFDM system


Authors:            Ilesanmi Oluwafemi (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Stanley Mneney (University of KwaZulu-Natal)



Title:                Dualband Approach to Cooperative Communication in Wireless Network


Authors:            Oludare Sokoya (University of Pretoria), Thomas Olwal (Council for Industrial and Scientific Research), Ntsibane Ntlatlapa (Council for Industrial and Scientific Research)



Title:                Managing the Converged Reconfigurable Radio System Architecture


Authors:            Ryan van den Bergh (University of Witwatersrand), Hu Hanrahan (University of Witwatersrand)


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