SATNAC 2010 Conference Papers

Network Engineering

Title:                Practical Implementation of a Virtual Currency Based Incentive Mechanism in a Direct Connect Peer-to-Peer System


Authors:            Andreas Alberts (North-West University), Albert Helberg (North-West University)



Title:                Performance Analysis of RSS-Based Geometric Positioning Methods in GSM Networks


Authors:            Folasade Dahunsi (University of Witwatersrand), Barry Dwolatzky (University of Witwatersrand)



Title:                Testbed Evaluation of a Delay Aware Routing Metric for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


Authors:            Melvin Ferreira (North-West University), Albert Helberg (North-West University)



Title:                Optimal Subgraph Detection to Identify Opportunities for the Application of Deterministic Network Coding


Authors:            Leenta Grobler (North-West University), Albert Helberg (North-West University), Fanie Terblanche (North-West University)



Title:                A Brief Survey of Channel Models for Land Mobile Satellite Communication


Authors:            Gertjie Hoffmann (North-West University), Albert Helberg (North-West University), Leenta Grobler (North-West University)



Title:                Spectrum Access Games for Cognitive Radio Networks


Authors:            Moshe Masonta (Council for Industrial and Scientific Research), Thomas Olwal (Council for Industrial and Scientific Research), Mjumo Mzyece (Tshwane University of Technology), Ntsibane Ntlatlapa (Council for Industrial and Scientific Research)



Title:                A Test-Bed Evaluation of Connectivity Strategies for Infrastructure Wireless Mesh Networks


Authors:            Pragasen Mudali (University of Zululand), Thulani Nyandeni (Telkom SA), Ntsibane Ntlatlapa (Council for Industrial and Scientific Research), Matthew Adigun (University of Zululand)



Title:                Ensuring QoS in Professional Audio Networks which use IEEE 1394b


Authors:            Fred Otten (Rhodes University), Richard Foss (Rhodes University)



Title:                WiMAX for rural SA: The Experience of the Siyakhula Living Lab


Authors:            Ingrid Siebörger (Rhodes University), Alfredo Terzoli (Rhodes University)



Title:                Statistical Estimation of a Fading Channel’s Error Probability in a Digital Wireless Communication Network


Author:             Nyah Temaneh (University of Namibia)

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