Dimensioning & Architectural Design
Modelling & Simulation

Dimensioning & Architectural Design

Title: On the Use of Genetic Algorithms to Fine-tune OSPF Routing
Author: A. B. Bagula, H. Wang (University of Stellenbosch)

Title: A Metric of Trust for Ad-hoc Networks using Direct Source Routing Algorithms
Author: D. Umuhoza, R. C. Staudemeyer, C. W. Omlin (University of the South Pacific)

Title: The feasibility of LATN design using Tree Knapsack and Extended Tree Knapsack models
Author: D. J. van der Merwe, J. M. Hattingh (Universities of North West)

Title: Incorporating Prejudice into Trust Models to Reduce Network Overload
Author: M. Wojcik, H. S. Venter, J. H. P. Eloff, M. S. Olivier (University of Pretoria)

Title: A Distributed Scheme for Bandwidth Re-Allocation between Working and Recovery Paths
Author: K. E. Muller, A. E. Krzesinski (University of Stellenbosch)


Modelling & Simulation

Title: Nonlinear Mapping using Particle Swarm Optimisation in Security based Applications
Author: A. I. Edwards, A. P. Engelbrecht (University of Pretoria)

Title: RSPL: A framework for interactively building Product Line Requirements
Author: S. K. Kabanda, M. O. Adigun (University of Zululand)

Title: Limitations of the Hierarchical Intelligent Cuttings Packet Classification Algorithm
Author: T. Sassen, N. Ventura (University of Cape Town)

Title: An Approximate Statistical Model of the Fairness of the Earliest Deadline First Scheduler
Author: S. M. Scriba, F. Takawira (University of Kwazulu Natal)

Title: Solutions for Multi-Hour Survivable Network Design Problems
Author: S. E. Terblanche, J. M. Hattingh (University of North West), and R. Wessaly (Berlin, Germany)


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