Title: Performance Implications of a Kernel Level DRM Controller
Author: A. Arnab, D. Bennett, M. Paulse, A. Hutchison (University of Cape Town)

Title: Quality of Service in the OSA/Parlay Environment
Author: Y. Bata, H. E. Hanrahan (University of Witwatersrand)

Title: Requirements for Intelligent Mobile Notification Services
Author: W. Brander, J. L. Wesson (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Title: Handoff Management in the Mobile Wireless Internet
Author: B. A. Cwele, G. Ojong, S. S. Xulu (University of Zululand)

Title: Advanced quadrature imbalance compensation techniques for the SDR mobile platform
Author: J. de Witt, G-J van Rooyen, J. G. Lourens (University of Stellenbosch)

Title: Probability of Queue Overflow in a Queing Network
Author: N. Engelbrecht (University of Pretoria)

Title: Towards an Infrastructural Framework for Secure Electronic Publication
Author: J. Forrester, B. Irwin (Rhodes University)

Title: Applied techniques for boosting bandwidth capacity for wireless networking and last-mile protocols
Author: J. Hinds (University of Pretoria)

Title: Direct Methanol Fuel Cells for Telecommuniations
Author: H. Joubert, M. J. Case, H. C. vZ. Pienaar (Vaal University of Technology)

Title: Usability evaluation of the MuTI rural tele-health system
Author: A. Maunder, W. Tucker, G. Marsden (University of Cape Town)

Title: Automatic recognition of spoken proper names with respect to Northern Sotho
Author: T. I. Modipa, H. J. Oosthuizen, M. J. D. Manamela (University of Limpopo)

Title: Clearer Text-to-Speech System Phonetization
Author: L. Mohasi, D. Mashao (University of Cape Town)

Title: A Network Application Programming Interface for OSA/Parlay
Author: P. V. Moodley, H. E. Hanrahan (University of Witwatersrand)

Title: Towards a Classification of Intrusion Strength
Author: Y. M. Motara, B. Irwin (Rhodes University)

Title: SIP-based Network Monitoring
Author: Y. Mu, A. Radovanovic (University of Western Cape)

Title: Low Cost GSM Positioning System Model Tuning
Author: M. Mutajogire, D. Chatelain (Tshwane University of Technology)

Title: Enterprise Risk Management: A New Philosophy
Author: A. Nel, W. Clarke, M. dos Santos, R. Buhr (University of Johannesburg)

Title: Robust speech recognition using microphone arrays and speaker adaptation
Author: O. Noah, N. Zulu, D. Mashao (University of Cape Town)

Title: Mobile Wireless Internet Quality of Service Management
Author: T. C. Nyandeni, G. Ojong, S. S. Xulu (University of Zululand)

Title: MoVIS: A Model for the Visualization of Network Information Security
Author: C. Olivier, R. von Solms, N. L. O. Cowley (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Title: Automation of RAID Controller Operations using ROSTI
Author: S. Perumal, P. S. Kritzinger (University of Cape Town)

Title: Buffer Management for the Future Internet
Author: D. B. Pillai, G. Ojong, S. S. Xulu (University of Zululand)

Title: Enhanced Dynamic Range Free Space Optical Receiver
Author: J. J. Shemmans, D. Z. Janse van Vuuren, B. J. van Wyk (Tshwane University of Technology)

Title: Patching for Low-Bandwidth Communities: Maintainging security in developing countries' emerging technology markets.
Author: D. White, B. Irwin (Rhodes University)

Title: A low cost, IP-based access loop for consumer telephony in rural communities
Author: B. Whittington, A. Terzoli (Rhodes University)


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