SATNAC 2006 Full Paper Accepted Submissions


Papers ordered in the sequence that they were presented at SATNAC.

Title: A study of the effect of MPLS on Quality of Service in wireless LANs
Author: J. Schutte (Universities of North West), A. Helberg (Universities of North West)

Title: Enhancing TCP Performance over Heterogeneous Networks
Author: E. S. Saad (Almargeb University, Libya), J. R. El Bergali (), M. A. Ashibani ()

Title: A Comparison Between MIPv6 and Cross Layer Movement Detection Mechanisms
Author: M. Abdelatif (University of Cape Town), H. A. Chan (University of Cape Town)

Title: Energy Efficient on-Demand Routing Protocol Based on Link Cost
Author: D. Cousseau (Ecole Superieure d’Ingenieur en Electrotechnique et Electronique), D. Chatelain (Fsatie)

Title: Anonymous Mobile Conference Calls
Author: N. Croft (University of Pretoria), M. S. Olivier (University of Pretoria)