SATNAC 2009 Conference Papers

Standardisation Initiatives

Title:                The Use of NGN / IMS for Cloud and Grid Services Control and Management


Authors:            Fabricio Carvalho de Gouveia (Fokus), Richard Good (Telkom SA), Thomas Magedanz (Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, Germany), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)


Abstract:           The ETSI Technical Committee (TC) GRID is addressing issues associated with the convergence of IT and Telecommunications, with particular reference to the lack of interoperable Grid solutions. The integration of grid technology provides new revenue streams for Telecom operators through their converged fixed, mobile and data services from their Next Generation Network (NGN) and by offering “Grid and cloud computing data” services reusing the current deployed NGN infrastructure. TC GRID identified the gaps and overlaps that need to be addressed for this interconnection. This paper analyses two interconnection scenarios for combining grid and NGN applications in a unified architecture. The proposal takes advantage of standardized interfaces and current technology features for integrating NGN and Cloud Services. The use of the TISPAN Resource and Admission Control System (RACS) and Policy and Enforcement Manager (PEEM) are described as possible vehicles for the integration.


Title:                Method for Characterization and Classification of Localization/Tracking Systems


Authors:            Sarel De Wet (North-West University), Albert Helberg (North-West University)


Abstract:           Due to the large variety of different tracking and localization systems, intended for different applications from different disciplines, researchers and developers are faced with a problem when comparing these systems as they are not presented in a general form. This paper discuss and expands on the important aspects of two of the most helpful papers in the field in order to present a method for characterizing and classifying systems into a general form, enabling easier comparison of systems as well as making better design choices.


 Title:               Presence and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) for Feature-rich Session Continuity in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)


Authors:            Keoikantse Marungwana (University of Cape Town), Neco Ventura (University of Cape Town)


Abstract:           The IP Multimedia Subsystem has largely been standardized. Of critical importance is the development of services which exploit the rich functionality and deployment environment provided by the IMS. However, the age-old challenge of mobility management still persists at the IMS layer. While substantial research has been done focusing on this issue, the approaches taken have largely been at lower layers of the protocol stack. Recent higher-layer solutions, on the other hand, have not directly focused on the specific challenges and opportunities presented by IMS multimedia session continuity. Further, the expressive and feature-rich information from presence service, and the interactivity of the RTSP protocol have largely been ignored. This paper presents a proof of concept scenario-based analysis of how presence information and the RTSP protocol can be leveraged to provide an enhanced multimedia session continuity experience. It presents an introduction of the session continuity service, overviews related work and outlines the framework for an enhanced session continuity experience.

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